The Executive Committee (EC) is the workhorse of the SIPS Fund. From project evaluation to managing the endowment fund to hosting events, the EC serves as the public face of SIPS. The Executive Committee meets every week and runs through various agenda items including potential partnerships, upcoming Board meetings, and applicants in the project pipeline. 

Made up entirely of students, our 15 person team consists of an Executive Director, Managing Director, Operations Director, Project Managers and a Finance and Marketing team. All together, the Executive Committee ensures that SIPS is providing the resources necessary for students to engage in socially innovative projects or public service opportunities, whether here in the U.S. or abroad.

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Michael Bakan, Executive Director

Isaac Kim, Deputy Executive Director

Naba Rahman, Managing Director

Emma Woodruff, Operations Director

Nethra Vishwanathan, Deputy Operations Director

Nadine Lin, project manager

Ale Parra, Project Manager

Jaclyn Lee, Project Manager

Ashanti Callender, Project Manager

Isatou Bah, Project Manager



The Board of Trustees guides and mentors the Executive Committee and has the ultimate decision on funding. As the Board of Trustees, the members have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure proper use and disbursement of funds according to the mission. The Board consists of faculty, alumni, and undergraduates. 

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Lisa Krim

Kurt Kaull

Mara Goldman

Paige Lovejoy

Raj Desai