APPLications for Grants are currently closed.
CHECK Back in the fall for our 2017 fall grant cycle application.

Interested in applying for a grant? Here's how!


1. Submit your project idea

Submit a 100-word project outline to! Outlines should include a brief overview of the project and an initial estimate of the funding the project requires. 

2. Meet and work with your Project Manager

Every applicant is assigned their own Project Manager (PM) who will help develop the applicant's project, as well as help the applicant through the SIPS process. A PM will contact each applicant and arrange a face-to-face-, Skype, or telephone meeting.

Your Project Manager will provide feedback and help incubate your project as much as necessary. SIPS has an extensive network of former grantees, board members, professors, and practitioners that we can connect you to receive project development advice, help you partner with NGOs abroad, or scale your projects through potential matching funding.

If your project is deemed to be within our funding model - something the Project Manager will discuss with you - you will move on to the next step. In some cases, we are able to recommend our applicants to alternate sources of funding available on campus. 

3. Complete your application

When we feel you are ready, your PM will email an application to you. In this, you will include an itemized budget for your project. Continue to meet with your PM during this process - they are your point person during your application. Be sure that you submit your application by the deadline!

4. Pitch!

You will have the chance to present your application in front of the SIPS Executive Committee.

5. Receive a decision

All grants are approved by the Board of Trustees during our Board meetings, a group of 9 faculty, students, alumni that oversees the SIPS Fund.