About SIPS

The Georgetown University Social Innovation and Public Service (SIPS) Fund is a $1.5 million student-run fund that allocates approximately $60,000 in award money every year to help students and alumni start their own social ventures. The mission of SIPS grows out of the Jesuit tradition of service to others. At the SIPS Fund, we invest in people as changemakers and match them with the resources they need to address pressing issues and create substantive, positive social impact. 

We evaluate award proposals based on our four pillars–Innovation, Sustainability, Impact on Community, and Impact on the Student–and work with awardees over the course of the academic year to help them transform their public service ideas into a reality. We fund a variety of projects, from nonprofit organizations to new student groups to international workshops. To date, SIPS has incubated more than 54 student and alumni projects, which have sent awardees to underserved communities all over the world.


The History of the SIPS Fund