Fighting for Justice in Mental Health

Madeleine Ringwald (COL ’16) was funded by SIPS during the summer of 2015 to help her stay in DC for the summer and work for the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, the only mental health-focused law center in the country, that advocates for progressive mental health policy. Through her internship, Madeleine worked in communications and advocacy to contact and partner with other organizations to help garner opposition for the Murphy Bill. Amongst other provisions, the Murphy Bill would essentially eliminate peer-to-peer advising not garnered by a psychiatrist – essentially making the process of forcing an individual into psychiatric care much easier.

In addition to managing communications to help oppose the Murphy Bill, Madeleine additionally created and maintained a website that served as a database for organizations, individuals, and lawyers to oppose the bill. Madeleine additionally attended hearings that were of interest to her and had the incredible opportunity to explore her passion for justice in the mental health field. 

“SIPS enabled me to live in DC for the summer to work an unpaid internship that was vital to my personal interest in this issue, and for that I am very grateful.”