First Responding in Bangladesh

During the summer of 2015, Cherie Chung (SFS ’16) embarked for Bangladesh to work for CriticalLink, a nonprofit social enterprise that uses mobile technology to help save lives. CriticalLink primarily uses a location-based mobile network to quickly dispatch the closest volunteers to accident and emergency scenes to help save lives. Through her internship, Cherie primarily worked on operational issues that the organization is facing. Cherie spent her summer witnessing firsthand the process itself and meeting with volunteers. One primary issue that Cherie targeted was figuring out why the number was not being utilized with frequency – she soon discovered that the number was not being marketed out to sufficiently target a wide enough audience. At the end of the summer, Cherie attended a board meeting and gave them her opinion on the operational changes she suggested making. After returning to the U.S., Cherie still continues to stay in contact with CriticalLink, consulting with the nonprofit and evaluating ways they can become more sustainable and efficient.