Awardee Eligibility

Annual Awardee: 

  • A current undergraduate student at Georgetown University.
  • A Georgetown University alumnus/alumna who graduated in or after 2001.

  • Pursuing a not-for-profit project that relates to social innovation, public service, and/or environmental sustainability.

Summer Scholar: 

  • A current undergraduate student at Georgetown University.

  • Pursuing an unpaid internship, summer experience, or not-for-profit project that relates to social innovation and public service.

  • Have a plan to take initiative in your summer experience in a way that engages you with your local community at a deeper level.

What is an Ideal SIPS Project? 

An ideal SIPS Project fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Impact on the student

  2. Impact on the community

  3. Sustainability

  4. Innovation

For a more detailed understanding of our criteria, please view our project criteria rubric.

Expectations for a SIPS Awards:

  • Be willing and able to participate in all SIPS Programming! Throughout the year, we will hold periodic check-in meetings, workshops, and trainings to ensure your success and safety.

  • Be responsive in communication, and reach our proactively to address any project issues, with your Project Manager and the Managing Director.

  • Share project development updates with your Project Manager throughout the process and, when the time comes designing metrics for success for post-project evaluations.

  • Document your project by writing blogs or recording vlogs for SIPS throughout the lead-up, execution, and post-implementation stages of your project. We want to help you show the world how you took your project from idea to reality!

  • Share reflections and evaluations of how the project went relative to your expectations while providing honest feedback to the SIPS Executive Committee.

  • Upon your return, present your project and realist in an on-campus, symposium for the SIPS Board, our partners and fellow students.

Check out our past awardees to see the types of projects we’ve funded in the past! And please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions about your eligibility.