Innovating Housing Solutions in DC

Georgetown alumni Corey Stewart, Dereck Hough, and Jimmy Ramirez spent the summer of 2015 in DC researching innovative housing solutions to help combat homeless in the district. Throughout the summer, the three met with various stakeholders, from people in the construction business to the local government to nonprofits, to figure out the best ways to implement solutions to the DC housing crisis. In doing so, the three began to gather data when they realized that there was a lack of concrete and consistent information about homelessness. To help compile this information, they talked to and interviewed as many people as they could throughout their summer.

In July 2015, the three submitted an article to the Huffington Post detailing their research and the personal stories of people they had encountered during the summer. Read the article here!

Moving forward, the three Georgetown alums have already started blueprints for affordable housing in Baltimore, and hope that in moving forward they can help give those in needs the amenities, access, and affordability of housing options they desire.