The Alternative Breaks Progam

SIPS funded the Alternative Breaks Program (ABP) during the winter of 2014 for their spring break 2015 trips. The money that SIPS gave ABP were for five new trips: LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in New York City, Delta Community Care in Mississippi, Health and Society in New York City, City Seeds in DC, and Mental Health and Wellbeing in Boston. Through these trips, Georgetown students were able to learn about different underserved communities and give back to them.

More about ABP:

The Alternative Breaks Program (formerly known as the Alternative Spring Break Program) traces its rich history back to 1975 when a group of Georgetown students elected to spend their spring break in Appalachia. Since its founding, Alternative Breaks has expanded to connect Georgetown students, faculty, and staff to over fifty different domestic and international communities. In 2014, the program expanded its model to include break trips outside of the Spring Break period, and thus changed its name to the Alternative Breaks Program.

Today, ABP’s mission is as follows:

Through the Alternative Breaks Program, a diverse group of Georgetown community members engages with issues affecting underserved communities through service, immersion, and reflection in a substance-free environment. By creating a space for sustained dialogue, ABP strives to build long-term relationships with community partners and fosters lasting commitments to social justice.