HoyaLift was founded in Fall 2019 by Olivia Silveri (NHS ’21) with a great team including GUSA’s Nicolo Ferretti (C ’21). Due to the difficult landscape of our “Hilltop, ” HoyaLift acts as an ADA accessible campus-wide shuttle initiative in order to support students with mobility disabilities in their commute to class, both on and off the main campus. Specifically, in the spirit of Georgetown’s commitment of Cura Personalis, the mission of HoyaLift is to safely improve the accessibility of Georgetown University’s campus for all Hoyas, creating a more transparent, barrier-free environment. We believe that increasing the accessibility of our campus and the betterment of every Hoya experience is crucial to remaining aligned with the core Georgetown tenet of “Men and Women for Others.” HoyaLift hopes to achieve an active shuttle rotation by Fall 2022, which will not only help riders in need of the disability transportation around campus but also will proudly create student jobs by qualifying as a Federal Student Work-Study Program. SIPS fund has helped HoyaLift’s Team both advocate and emphasize to the University the dire need of this service, as well as honored the commitment to be a strong ally for the disability community at Georgetown!