Misfit Juicery

During the winter of 2014, SIPS funded Phil Wong and Ann Yang’s startup, Misfit Foods. Misfit Foods creates cold-pressed juices using fruits and vegetables usually otherwise deemed too “unattractive” to be used. In this way, Misfit aims to decrease produce waste, and promote a healthy and more sustainable vision of food access.

52 percent of fruits and vegetables go to waste every year, largely because of the high aesthetic standards of grocery stores and other retailers. 40 percent of all grocery store food goes to waste at some point in the supply chains. That’s 70 billion pounds in food waste.

Phil Wong and Ann Yang have vowed to pick a fight with produce prejudice by turning non-pretty fruits and veggies into the best juice around. They support gleaning networks—non-profits that mobilize volunteers to gather produce that’s been left in the fields by machines. This produce typically makes its way to food banks and other charitable organizations, and their support allows gleaning networks to scale their impact.

We envision a world where produce prejudice is a footnote in dusty history textbooks; where the nationwide conversation on food waste and inaccess gets loud; where all tasty produce finds a place in our bellies; and where the masses march alongside the MISFITs.

For more information please visit their website.