Clinical Psychology in Action


In the summer of 2016, Gaby Iskin worked at an NYU clinical psychology all-day treatment program focused on helping and working with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD from the ages of 7-11. Gaby worked as a lead counselor – preparing daily activities, working with the clinicians on site, and most importantly working with the children in helping them accomplish daily goals that are set for them individually.

As a Psychology major, Gaby found a strong understanding of the way the children think and feel about having a disorder. Gaby’s summer goal was to become more educated in the hands-on experience of development disorders, especially with a pediatric population. Gaby hopes to use what she learned over the summer to apply it in a program that she would like to start senior year for children and adolescents with developmental disorders, incorporating dance as a therapy and activity for them to partake in. All of these experiences would tie in with the future work Gaby hopes to pursue in the field of clinical psychology after graduation in 2017 with children and adolescents diagnosed with developmental disorders.