Workshop Collective

During the winter of 2015 SIPS funded Reed Howard (SFS ’17) to launch a Leadership Workshop as part of Workshop Collective here at Georgetown University. During his childhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Reed participated in various Leadership Workshops growing up and saw firsthand how these workshops shaped who he is today.

SIPS gave Reed a grant to expand Leadership Workshop to the DC area in 2015, hosting the first DC Leadership Workshop here on Georgetown’s campus during the spring of 2016. Reed hopes to continue to expand Leadership Workshop all across DC, being able to impact the lives of participants just as his live was impacted.

Workshop Collective believes that all young people, no matter their zip code, should have access to community-based Leadership Workshops.
The Mission of Leadership Workshop is to inspire young people to believe in themselves, initiate positive change in the world, and value the importance and potential of every person. In particular, Workshop Collective strives to develop good character and citizenship, support students in finding their passion, encourage service to something bigger than oneself, empower students to be change makers, build connections between students and their schools, and inspire optimism and happiness Workshop Collective is a growing community of Leadership Workshops devoted to giving all young people access to community-based programs which inspire servant leadership and character development.