Annual Awardee Portfolio

Non-Profit Foundations


Wearable Justice

In 2014, SIPS funded Jake Maxmin’s company, Wearable Justice, a nonprofit, registered ethical fashion distribution company aimed at serving university students nationwide by providing aesthetically-pleasing and ethically-produced clothing products.


Women LEAD

In 2013, SIPS funded Claire Naylor and Claire Charamnac $13,000 to fund their nonprofit organization, Women LEAD, a youth-driven and youth-led organization that aims to empower young women in Nepal.


Hilltop Microfinance Initiative

In 2013, SIPS funded the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative (HMFI). HMFI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Washington D.C. that is financed entirely by the generosity of individuals and foundations committed to ideals of financial empowerment and entrepreneurship.


Sustainable Development


Microsolar Charging Stations in Haiti

In June 2013, SIPS funded Tommy Larson (SFS ’14), Alissa Orlando (SFS ’14), Sarah Mock (SFS ’15), and Naman Trivedi (SFS ’16) to travel to Port au Prince, Haiti to lease and install a revenue-generating solar charging station for a Haitian entrepreneur. 


The Microfiber Catcher

In Fall of 2016, the Microfiber Team, Jamie Farrell, Carter Cortazzi, and Lola Bushnell, created a two pronged plan to tackle the problem of microfiber pollution in the waterways around the globe. 


Misfit Foods

During the winter of 2014, SIPS funded Phil Wong and Ann Yang’s startup, Misfit Foods. Misfit Foods creates cold-pressed juices using fruits and vegetables usually otherwise deemed too “unattractive” to be used. In this way, Misfit aims to decrease produce waste, and promote a healthy and more sustainable vision of food access.




Nursing in India

During the winter of 2012, Kristen Trivelli traveled to Guwahati, India, where she volunteered with three different organizations.


Children’s Book Project

The SIPS fund supported Rhadika Sahai in creating a children’s book that depicts the narratives of chronically hospitalized children.

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HoyaLift, an ADA accessible campus-wide shuttle initiative in order to support students with mobility disabilities in their commute to class, both on and off the main campus, was founded in Fall 2019 by Olivia Silveri (NHS ’21).


Arts and Culture

Artisanship in Oaxaca

Artisanship in Oaxaca, Mexico

After a trip to Mexico, Nitya Ramlogan (’13), a Regional and Comparative Studies major, became interested in entrepreneurship among indigenous artisans. As she perused local craft bazaars in Mexico, she saw an opportunity to improve the lives of these craft makers by giving them access to larger markets.


Museu da Maré

In the Spring of 2017, SIPS funded Katherine De Araujo, who worked with the community museum, Museu da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while on her study abroad program. The community museum showcases the history of Maré, a favela complex in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.



Raheem AI

Raheem AI

During the winter of 2015, SIPS funded Brandon Anderson (COL ’15) to fuel the development of Raheem, a police accountability technology meant to track and rate people’s experiences with police officers. 


On-Campus Initiatives

Male Development Association

The Male Development Association

In Spring of 2016, SIPS funded Jerome Small for his project, The Male Development Association (MDA). MDA is a Georgetown University student-led organization that mentors young, male students in public high schools across the District of Columbia on a weekly basis.

Alternative Breaks Program 2013-2

Alternative Breaks Program

SIPS funded the Alternative Breaks Program (ABP) during the winter of 2014 for their spring break 2015 trips. Through these trips, Georgetown students were able to learn about different underserved communities and give back to them.


Workshop Collective

During the winter of 2015 SIPS funded Reed Howard (SFS ’17) to launch a Leadership Workshop as part of Workshop Collective here at Georgetown University.


The Treehouse Project

The Treehouse Project received an award from SIPS during the fall of 2014 to help Oliver Friedfeld’s dream of a college community full of self-exploration and meaningful conversation come alive.